Serving: those with Depression · those with Obsessive Personalities - Hoarders · the Chronically Ill · the Sight Impaired · the Elderly · the Divorced · the Burglarized · the Severely Depressed · those with AIDS/Cancer and other Long-Term Illnesses and Conditions · the Physically or Mentally Challenged · the Deceased.  

Bonded and Insured.

Our Products:
The cleaning products we use on the job site are at no charge to the customer, including the vacuum we bring along to use.  Of course, if the client would like us to use their cleaning products (due to allergies, environmental concerns, they believe their products perform better, etc.), we will be happy to use them.  We err on the green or EARTH-FRIENDLY side of life's equation in that we RECYCLE our cleaning towels and do not use disposable paper towels.  All towels are washed and sanitized.


May we be of service?  We are bonded and insured and good at what we do!

IMPORTANT: Please telephone the office.  It is important for us to speak to each other to answer any questions you may have of us or we may have of you regarding your job request.  Thank you so much for your consideration. Please provide your telephone number.


If you choose to contact us initially by Email, please include your phone number.


  • RETURNING HOME:  Attorneys/caregivers/family/concerned friends — Are the elderly or ill whom you care about returning to their homes from the hospital or nursing home? Consider their homecoming possibility 'better' by having their home organized, cleaned or both before they arrive home.

  • HOLIDAYS:  Folks coming back from a long holiday or snowbirds, time to get your home cleaned.

  • THE DECEASED:  Cleaning/clean-up (or the balance of cleaning out) for the deceased: do you need to get their home in order because:

    1. they were living in a rental apartment ?
    2. you need to put their home up for sale ?
    3. you need help with this heart wrenching task ?

  • OMG - THE PARTY'S IN TWO HOURS and I promised myself that I would clean the apartment and haven't! (Probably only a slight exaggeration, but ...)

  • WINDOW REPLACEMENT PROJECTS:  The need to clean the apartment after a window replacement project has been completed in your building is a challenge we tackle frequently. No matter how diligent the W.R.P. crew is covering the work area, project dust and small debris, carried by the air, will probably cover most everything in the apartment.

  • DETAILING and STAGING:  Cleaning and organizing in preparation for the sale of a home.

  • PICK UP YOUR 'STUFF' AND CLEAN:  "Mom's coming!" and both cleaning and organizing need to be done quickly with your help.

  • THE REHAB OR CONSTRUCTION Project is completed. There is a need to clean up the construction dust and small debris.

IMPORTANT: Please telephone the office.  It is important for us to speak with you to answer any questions you may
have of us or we may have of you.  Please leave your telephone number if you get our voice mail.   (312) 332-5575



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