Serving: those with Depression · those with Obsessive Personalities - Hoarders · the Chronically Ill · the Sight Impaired · the Elderly · the Divorced · the Burglarized · the Severely Depressed · those with AIDS/Cancer and other Long-Term Illnesses and Conditions · the Physically or Mentally Challenged · the Deceased.  

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Our Products:
The cleaning products we use on the job site are at no charge to the customer, including the vacuum we bring along to use.  Of course, if the client would like us to use their cleaning products (due to allergies, environmental concerns, they believe their products perform better, etc.), we will be happy to use them.  We err on the green or EARTH-FRIENDLY side of life's equation in that we RECYCLE our cleaning towels and do not use disposable paper towels.  All towels are washed and sanitized.


References and Testimonials ...

Here are references from the elderly, visually impaired, long-term ill, small business offices; on site small rental building owners (common areas cleaning), "depression" organizing/cleaning clients, "ordinary" house cleaning clients, etc.  In other words, a sampling of our work:
  1. "We have been working with Chestnut Cleaning Service for approximately 2-1/2 years. We have found Chestnut to be reliable, conscientious and courteous. The owner always checks with us before a scheduled cleaning date to make sure the date is still convenient. He and his crew are very thorough, and always follow up to make sure we are satisfied with the work. We are very pleased with the service." -- M.M. Chicago

  2. "Chestnut Cleaning Service has been our cleaning service for more than 2 years, and the service that is provided is exceptional. It is obvious that the vacuum cleaner has been run and the trash taken out, dishes are washed and put away, light bulbs are changed if necessary and new supplies are purchased, all going above the call of duty. The carpet was even cleaned one weekend!!! Thanks for the excellent work!!!" -- FES Chicago

  3. "Chestnut Cleaning Service has been cleaning our homes for over a year and have been extremely satisfied with both this work and reasonable pricing. We highly recommend Chestnut Cleaning Service. They're great! [Providing this reference] was my pleasure; you are fantastic!" -- W & K & DC Chicago

  4. "Chestnut Cleaning Services does and outstanding job. They are very dedicated to their profession, very punctual, and have an excellent work ethic." --EL & AM Chicago

  5. "I have engaged Chestnut Cleaning Service since 2002 to clean my six-room apartment and have been highly satisfied with their work over this period. I have also appreciated their work over the last two years in cleaning the public areas and doing other work around a four-flat building owned by an old friend of mine, and more recently in cleaning my friend's own apartment in that building. Again, I have found Chestnut's work very satisfactory."-- AB Chicago

  6. "Please be advised that I have been using Chestnut Cleaning Service for more than ten years. They have proven to be thorough and prompt in their service. I have been well satisfied and recommend their use to potential customers."-- HAM Chicago

  7. "Chestnut Cleaning Service did our high rise building's 2004 window replacement project and condominium cleaning. We continue to use them for our regular cleaning service."-- DJ Chicago

  8. "We have recently moved out of state from Chicagoland. Besides missing the pizza, hot dogs, and deli, we miss Chestnut Cleaning Services. We had used Chestnut Cleaning Services for over 10 years and were always very satisfied with their service. We had tried to schedule our cleaning for 6 AM, so we would have the rest of the day for ourselves. Chestnut Cleaning was always on time and finished our home with complete satisfaction. We would always recommend their services with complete confidence to our friends and relatives."-- AN & LS Chicago

  9. "Chestnut Cleaning Services is very punctual, and always confirms appointments. They let you know exactly what is going on, and makes every effort to put things where they were, which is extremely important for blind people. They are very trustworthy and often does the extra little things that are unexpected. They are very efficient with the time and do a thorough job of cleaning and locating items not in their usual place. They know the right cleaning materials for each job. Please feel free to contact us with questions."-- TJ & RZ Chicago

  10. "Thank you for the great job you did for me. You cleaned my home and got rid of my junk. Thanks again, for I could not have done it myself."  A wonderful 94 year young lady, who is/was an ongoing house cleaning client, along with her son and daughter-in-law who remain as on-going house cleaning clients, writing about our cleaning and organizing efforts during her recent move from an assisted-living facility. -- GB Chicago

  11. "I highly recommend Chestnut Cleaning Service. I had a very difficult job, with many years of clutter, but they were very thorough and non-judgmental - they didn't stop until the job was done!" -- RD Chicago

  12. "This letter will verify that I have been a client of Chestnut Cleaning Service for about fifteen years. They have provided cleaning services for me in a prompt and thorough manner. A service with which I am especially pleased is an ability to call, and with a couple of days notice have them change my cleaning day to better meet my schedule or special event, travel or dinner arrangements, or guests I may have planned. I would and have recommended Chestnut Cleaning to others." -- MS Chicago

  13. "They are reliable and flexible, accommodating and efficient. They will work around any scheduling needs you might have and will make every effort to accommodate special needs. I am indeed pleased with Chestnut Cleaning Service and expect to keep working with them for the foreseeable future." -- DH Chicago

  14. "The service was very thorough and I was very satisfied with the results of the cleaning and organizing service. I will recommend your service to my friends. Than you so much!" -- VLS Chicago

  15. "We have had Chestnut Cleaning Services for many years and are very satisifed with the quality of their work. They have been here for regular cleaning and for special jobs. They have seen us through a major remodeling, parties, funerals and thorough 'Spring Cleanings'. The owner and his crew always do a great job." -- G & SE Chicago

  16. "The service has been with us for several years. The first two involved a massive organizing, sorting and packing jobs. Since thenthey have come here once a month for maintenance cleaning. We have always been satisifed with his quality of work and work ethic. He knows us and gets right to the job to get things done in a most efficient manner, and stays completely focused. We both are very pleased with him and his cleaning service and it is our intention to have him with us indefinitely." -- C & GC Chicago

  17. "Chestnut Cleaning Service is great to work with. The owner and his team go out of there way to accomodate and is always there when I need them - checking in after a big snowfall to ensure we are covered for snow removal to last minute adjustments for unexpected guests. I have used Chestnut for several years and often refer them to friends and family." -- SA Chicago

  18. "You can spend thousands of dollars on therapy but your service accomplishes that and a whole lot more. Thank you." -- DC Chicago

IMPORTANT: Please telephone the office.  It is important for us to speak with you to answer any questions you may
have of us or we may have of you.  Please leave your telephone number if you get our voice mail.   (312) 332-5575



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