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Our Products:
The cleaning products we use on the job site are at no charge to the customer, including the vacuum we bring along to use.  Of course, if the client would like us to use their cleaning products (due to allergies, environmental concerns, they believe their products perform better, etc.), we will be happy to use them.  We err on the green or EARTH-FRIENDLY side of life's equation in that we RECYCLE our cleaning towels and do not use disposable paper towels.  All towels are washed and sanitized.

Who we define as "Depression" cleaning ...

Depression House Cleaning – as we define it – may or may not have anything to do with "depression;" that is, the state of being depressed.

For our purposes, "depression" cleaning refers to a cleaning that hasn't been done for a very long time, which may or may not be caused by the client's being depressed – although avoiding having someone visit your home because it has not been cleaned and is becoming more disorganized day in and day out, may cause depression in/for some people.

"Depression" cleaning – for our purpose – is the client's special need to have this long-term cleaning condition put back to where it all "belongs", very methodically and with attention to detail: excessive amounts of trash removed, needed laundry organized, date coded food products reviewed, excessive amounts of dishes done, etc., and then - at the same time, simultaneously clean the client's home.

We've never been sure if the client's need for our "depression" cleaning service is the cause of their depression or the result of their depression; but, whatever the reason, the condition of the client's home or office is such that the client has been too embarrassed or ashamed to have guests over or have a maintenance person in to make needed repairs.  And, sadly, the client dreads going home because of the condition of their home!

Some conditions that contribute to a client's "depression" (by our definition) cleaning needs:
  1. actual depression
  2. mental or physical disabilities (either temporary or long-term)
  3. work or other distractions
  4. older age
  5. the current occupant is now deceased and no one is following up on the "final" organizing/cleaning
  6. you're just a slob and you hate house work and hate putting things back in their place when you finish using your things; your strongest personality trait is not being domestic!
  7. moving and having to "down-size" for the new place: it's much less expensive to get organized and get rid of this "stuff" before you move than to move it with you and then try to figure out what to do with all this "stuff" after you've moved into your new home.
  8. your disorganized and messy condition is so out-of-control that you don't know where to begin, so it keeps getting worse week after week, month after month, year after year
  9. it's probably time to do something about "IT" (the condition of your home or office) when you hate coming "home" to your home or office.
  10. procrastination.

IMPORTANT: Please telephone the office.  It is important for us to speak with you to answer any questions you may
have of us or we may have of you.  Please leave your telephone number if you get our voice mail.   (312) 332-5575



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