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Bonded and Insured.

Our Products:
The cleaning products we use on the job site are at no charge to the customer, including the vacuum we bring along to use.  Of course, if the client would like us to use their cleaning products (due to allergies, environmental concerns, they believe their products perform better, etc.), we will be happy to use them.  We err on the green or EARTH-FRIENDLY side of life's equation in that we RECYCLE our cleaning towels and do not use disposable paper towels.  All towels are washed and sanitized.

Offices, Small Businesses, Building Common Areas ...

Twenty-five years of experience cleaning a variety of clients' offices, small businesses and small buildings' (condominium and rental) common areas helps us to remember and appreciate all the wonderful architecture in the Chicagoland areas.

The work of this category of cleaning is unique because, more frequent cleaning is often required, and unlike cleaning in someone's home - occupied by families, friends and relatives - most of the people sharing an office, small business or the common areas of a building, are not related to one another and therefore are 'sharing' the results of our cleaning efforts with 'non-family' members. (and typically, in an office environment, women don't like to share the restrooms with their male coworkers.)

Because of our unique early morning scheduling, we purposely do not clean offices and businesses at night as most cleaning services do; it is in this way that we avoid disturbing those office personnel who like to stay to work late.  We like to work early, so we clean these office/business assignments at 4, 5, or 6 in the morning, when no one is typically around.

Besides our regular cleaning at your home or at your separate away-from-home office, we can apply our organizing skills to your home office.  Separately, we can also help you organize your papers and paperwork, piece by piece (to the extent that you wish) and as always, with your help throughout this entire process.

IMPORTANT: Please telephone the office.  It is important for us to speak with you to answer any questions you may
have of us or we may have of you.  Please leave your telephone number if you get our voice mail.   (312) 332-5575



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