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Our Products:
The cleaning products we use on the job site are at no charge to the customer, including the vacuum we bring along to use.  Of course, if the client would like us to use their cleaning products (due to allergies, environmental concerns, they believe their products perform better, etc.), we will be happy to use them.  We err on the green or EARTH-FRIENDLY side of life's equation in that we RECYCLE our cleaning towels and do not use disposable paper towels.  All towels are washed and sanitized.



"Before" Chestnut Cleaning Services

CLUTTER and CHAOS: our Specialty!

We believe that some of the clients who have contacted us after reading about our services, have called only after considerable delay and procrastination and are now more motivated, ready and willing to fully participate and help us with this process in which we help them.  Sometimes, they have objectively accepted and admitted (at least to themselves) that there is a problem and that they need help with it.

We understand very clearly that, for the client, the thought of finally doing something about their household's or business' long standing disorganization/chaos, whatever the cause, is very important to them and can be very traumatic.  Even simply inviting someone over to look at it can be very unsettling and possibly scary, after all this time and progressively worsening conditions.

So, when we do our part in this process, we do it in a good-natured and good humored way.  We've probably seen and worked on worse than what you are having us do for you now.  So please take heart in the fact that we've probably seen and assisted clients with far worse messes!

You will need to accept the fact that some things will need/have to be thrown away during this process:  the magazines you promised yourself you'd read years ago; the dated advertising material you received four years ago, a relative's old cutting board that you've never used; clothes that you could never wear again.  And if you have pets or had pets, this job is further severely exacerbated with pet hair, possible old pet food, toys or other items that s till remain as visual memories of your companion who has passed away.

"After" Chestnut Cleaning Services

The cost for organizing / cleaning your clutter / chaos:  the example we use is . . . that of your dental visits or lack thereof.  If you haven't been to a dentist in, say, five years, why wouldn't you think or expect that your dentist bill wouldn't be high, much higher than if you had gone regularly within this same five year period?

Our clients, for this service, understand that they have, long overdue, two job assignments which are simultaneous, house cleaning and house organizing.  We do not pre-inspect 'cleaning' jobs, but we always go to inspect (what we define as) 'depression' assignments to determine how best to accomplish the job, and to ascertain the willingness and commitment of the client to fully participate in the entire process.

The service (we define as "depression" cleaning) could also apply to those jobs we do for people who just haven't cleaned their homes in a very long time:  the elderly, cleaning after the owner has passed away, people with long-term illnesses, procrastinators, etc.

IMPORTANT: Please telephone the office.  It is important for us to speak with you to answer any questions you may
have of us or we may have of you.  Please leave your telephone number if you get our voice mail.   (312) 332-5575



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